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    Have You Tried YouTube TV Yet?

    YouTube is taking on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and cable TV companies with YouTube TV, their very own digital programming service. People living in specific areas in the United States can forget…

  • Personal Fundraisers Examples - Facebook
    What to know

    Introducing Facebook Fundraisers

    Facebook just introduced a new tool that will allow you to launch fundraisers for almost any cause that can cross your mind. Well, fundraisers on Facebook might not be scams anymore.…

  • Skype
    What to know

    Microsoft Introduces Skype Lite

    Microsoft has developed Skype Lite, a the mobile app that will let you have high quality video calls no matter what. Skype Lite might be Microsoft’s genius innovation to spread their…

  • Netflix Is Now Available Offline
    What to watch

    Netflix Is Now Available Offline

    Netflix just released a new service that lets users watch shows and movies offline. Netflix, the American online entertainment service with millions of subscribers world wide, just rolled out a brand…

  • What To Learn From Vine Shutdown
    What to know

    What To Learn From Vine Shutdown

    Vine’s struggle has comes to an end, and here are some lessons it should’ve learned from its competitors. Known for its 6-second ever-repeating videos, Twitter’s Vine failed to generate sustainable revenue (and…

  • the Snapchat Spectacles
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    Snapchat Has Confirmed Spectacles

    Snapchat just confirmed the company’s first hardware, the Spectacles. It has been confirmed that Snapchat, recently re-named Snap Inc., is releasing a pair of glasses that come with a mounted camera,…