• Possible cure for HIV has been found
    What to know

    Has A Cure For HIV Been Found?

    The HIV virus became undetectable in in the blood of a HIV-positive patient after he was given revolutionary new therapy. Groundbreaking new therapy which is designed to seek out and kill…

  • People Who Forget Might Be Healthier
    What to know

    People Who Forget Might Be Healthier

    Surprisingly, it seems like brains that forget minor things might be healthier than those that remember details. Even though being forgetful could be a sign of some serious health problems, it…

  • Super Nintendo Entertainment System Classic
    What to know

    Nintendo Brings You SNES Classic

    If you were excited about last year’s NES Classic, Nintendo is now bringing you a smaller version of their SNES. Nintendo have announced that they will be bringing back a version…

  • Alien life art
    What to know

    Will NASA Announce Alien Life?

    In their latest viral video, the hacktivist group Anonymous says that NASA will soon announce the discovery of alien life. If they do, we can not say that we weren’t ready.…

  • Shadow Moon - American Gods
    What to watch

    American Gods Review

    A story both strange and familiar, exploring belief and human nature like never before, that’s American Gods. Shadow Moon is in way over his head, and despite knowing that, he knows…

  • Eid Al Fitr 2017 What To Expect
    What to know

    Eid Al Fitr 2017: What To Expect

    With the holy month of Ramadan coming to an end, a big celebration in underway. Here’s your guide to Eid al Fitr. Even though the exact day of Eid is still…