• Qatari Foreign Investments Surge
    What to know

    Qatari Foreign Investments Surge

    In partnership with the country’s Qatar 2030 vision, the oil-rich nation is spending billions of dollars in foreign investments. It has become a news regularity for Qatar to take up headlines…

  • Skype
    What to know

    Microsoft Introduces Skype Lite

    Microsoft has developed Skype Lite, a the mobile app that will let you have high quality video calls no matter what. Skype Lite might be Microsoft’s genius innovation to spread their…

  • Qatar’s Boating Community Is Growing
    What to know

    Qatar’s Boating Community Is Growing

    The number of luxury yachts and boats in Qatar have risen to a point the government is including the country’s boating community in their plans. Boating is not new to Qatar,…

  • The NASA Conference You’d Want To Watch
    What to watch

    The NASA Conference You’d Want To Watch

    NASA will be hosting a major press conference this week, in which they promise to reveal a “discovery beyond our solar system”. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the American national…

  • Cosplayers dressed up as Disney princesses at the annual WonderCon comic and entertainment convention in Los Angeles
    What to watch

    Five Disney Remakes We Are Excited About

    Ever since our parents were kids, Disney has fascinated the world with their animated tales. Today, most classics are returning in live action adaptations. Disney has decided to bring back some…

  • Entertainment World
    What to visit

    Ready For Entertainment World?

    We are just a month away from the opening of Entertainment World, Qatar’s newest outdoor location for entertainment, leisure, shopping and food. Entertainment World, an outdoor venue fitted with all kinds…

  • Deodorant Vs. Antiperspirant
    What to know

    Deodorant Vs. Antiperspirant

    One is a spray the other is a stick? The real difference between deodorant and antiperspirants is the difference between beating sweat and beating smell. While people have general believed that…

  • Flik Cinemas at Lagoona Mall, Qatar - Lagoona Mall Facebook
    What to visit

    Flik Cinemas Lands In Lagoona Mall

    The country’s newest luxury theater chain, Flik Cinemas, have opened their first Qatar branch at Lagoona Mall offering exclusive VIP service to all customers. Flik Cinemas has set foot in Qatar,…

  • Wooly mammoth art - Shutterstock
    What to know

    Woolly Mammoth Is About To Resurrect

    A team of scientist have revealed that they are working on a way to resurrect the extinct woolly mammoth, history’s biggest land mammal. While attempts of cloning and resurrecting extinct species…