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China Finds Philosopher’s Stone

China finds Philosopher's Stone method which can turn copper into gold

Well not quite that, but they have found a method that could turn regular copper into actual gold.

As history tells, humans have been trying to find a way to turn abundant substances into gold for as long as we’ve been fascinated by the glittery metal. So far, no attempts have been successful, until now.

A group of scientists at the Chinese Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics have reported that they have devised a method that can transform regular copper into a material “almost identical” to gold.

Their report was published in the journal Science Advances, and explains how the outcome material from their experiment was capable of deriving alcohol from coal – a process that requires gold as a catalyst.

To create the gold-like material, the scientists pressurized a piece of copper with hot, electrically charged argon gas. With charged atoms, the copper’s electrons became denser and more stable, transforming it into something closer to gold, especially in terms of resistance to erosion and oxidation.

This brand new material is very cheap to produce and could possible replace more expensive gold and silver found in our electronic devices. With cheaper material, devices should natural become cheaper to purchase themselves.

However, the copper-gold is significantly lighter than real gold, and is therefore not fit for jewelry, and can not be taken advantage of by counterfeiters.

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