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Spotify To Allow Indie Artists Music

Spotify is now allowing independent artists to upload their music without record labels

Independent artists will soon be able to upload their music directly to the Spotify platform.

Spotify has announced a new beta feature which will let independent artists upload their music directly to the platform instead of through record labels and music distributors.

At the moment the feature is still in its beta phase and is only available through invite.

While major record labels can directly upload their artists’ music to Spotify, independent artists had to do it through third-party music aggregators like Tunecore. But not it’s a thing of the past.

Artists will be able to use the already existing Spotify for Artists platform, which allows the to also view listener data and submit their songs for editorial playlist consideration.

Unlike SoundCloud, which makes music instantly available once uploaded, the new upload feature will allow artists to have more control over their music. One can choose to set a release date, as well as include information and details, and even preview how it will look like once released.

Spotify recommends that artists upload their content at least five days before its intended release date, so that the company can review it and make sure it doesn’t violate any terms and condition of use. They will also cross-check material to make sure it isn’t stolen or being stolen.

The new direct upload feature is offered to artists for free.

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