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Instagram Introduces Private Polls Through DMs

instagram introduces private polls for group chats dm

Save time and energy in Instagram group chats with their new private polls that can be shared through DM.

A few days ago, Instagram rolled out a new feature (or a new version of an existing feature). Once you get the latest update, you will be able to send polls directly through a direct message, privately or to a group chat.

It works exactly like the poll sticker that you can put on stories, but with the option to send to one or a selection of users.

Why would i need to send a poll privately you ask yourself?

Imagine that you have a group chat together with your parents and siblings, and you’re all planning a family vacation. It would save you all a lot of time if you send a few polls on matters that you’re deciding collectively instead of everyone randomly sending in their preferences.

Since the vote is in real time, all group members will be able to see the poll results as they vote.

Polls stickers for Stories were introduced last October, an were later followed by the Emoji slider and the Questions sticker. This is a clear example of Instagram’s efforts to create more engagement among users.

You might not find the feature available at the moment, but both Android and iOS users will get it sooner or later.

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