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Instagram Gets Voice Messages

Instagram rolls out voice messages

It started with photos and soon after introduced videos, now Instagram is tapping into voice messaging.

Starting today, Instagram users around the world will be able to send each other voice messages, the Facebook-owned app announced.

As it seems, Facebook is moving forward with putting all of their top features in to all of their apps, and integrating them until they all become one and the same. The tech company already have similar feature in their WhatsApp and Messenger messaging apps.

Not only will Instagram have to compete with sister apps, but will also have to go up against popular messaging and communications apps like Viber, Zello and Telegram.

It basically works just the way the same feature works in other apps; you’ll have to hold the record button and just speak away. The voice messages can be up to one minute long and will remain available for listening inside the chat in wave format forever.

This off-camera feature is now available for Instagram users on both iOS and Android.

But there’s more to voice messaging than just being an additional feature. Given that many people use the app while performing other things, such as walking and driving, a hands-free messaging feature can be very useful.

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