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  • top Christmas movies 2017
    What to watch

    Christmas Movies 2017

    These are the Christmas movies you need to look out for this season. We picked our top 5 and a little bonus for the little ones. It’s that season again. The…

  • what animated feature films made it to the best pixar movie of all time list, toy story, ratatouille, wall-e, inside out, finding nemo
    What to watch

    5 Best Pixar Movies

    Disney’s Pixar Animation Studios has brought some of the most memorable animated movies ever. Here are the five best Pixar movies of all time. For you who don’t know, Pixar have…

  • Naked movie starring Marlon Wayans - Netflix
    What to watch

    The US-Version Of Naked

    Netflix just released Naked, their version of Swedish 2000 movie Naken, starring Marlon Wayans and Regina Hall. Based on the popular Swedish comedy movie Naken, which premiered in 2000, Naked is…

  • Dumbo (1941)
    What to watch

    Dumbo Is Returning In Live-Action

    Disney’s 1942 classic Dumbo is returning to the silver screen, but this time in live-action and directed by the genius Tim Burton. Yes! We will be fortunate enough to witness another…

  • Aladdin in the Magic Garden, an illustration by Max Liebert from Ludwig Fulda's Aladin und die Wunderlampe
    What to know

    The Real Origins Of Aladdin

    Aladdin has been representative of Arab fantasy and folktales for long, but is he actually an Arab character? It is pretty much safe to say that anyone who’d come across this…

  • Shimmer Lake
    What to watch

    Watching Shimmer Lake

    A bank robbery gone wrong forces a small-town honest cop to hunt down his very own brother in Shimmer Lake. Shimmer Lake follows a crime story told backwards. When small town…

    What to watch

    Will Ferrell Stars In The House

    Are you ready for the biggest comedy of the summer? Starring Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler, The House looks hilarious. Seriously now, who doesn’t like a good Will Ferrell movie? Everyone…