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How Did We Miss Free YouTube Movies?

You can now catch free to watch movies and films on YouTube

YouTube has very discreetly started offering viewers a long list of full-length feature films for free.

While millions of us have dreamed for the day when we could easily find full-length, high-quality movies on YouTube that are free to watch (and not pirated).

One would believe that such a move on YouTube’s behalf would’ve stirred a lot of buzz, at least some kind of major announcement campaign, but no. Instead, the video sharing website rolled out the new feature very discreetly in October.

Although they are not Netflix quite yet, YouTube now offers a selection of 100 feature films that you can watch on the website for free. They can be found in the “Free to watch” category in the movies section, where you usually go to rent movies.

Even though most of the titles are unpopular or lesser known, there are some blockbuster classics like The Terminator, Legally Blonde, and Rocky. It’s not completely free though. Since the movies are supported by ads, you should expect commercials and pop-up ads to interrupt your viewing at periodical intervals.

Despite making a huge leap forward, YouTube still has a long way to go if they wish to compete with streaming services like Netflix, Amazon and HBO, which create much of their content themselves.

Streaming is currently a very competitive industry, with studios like Disney and Marvel starting their own services, along with exclusive content. If Google (YouTube’s parent company), is to be part of it, they better step their game up.

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