What to make

Epic Pain Perdu in 15 Minutes

Pain Perdu

Loaf of bread

One and a half cup of Heavy Cream

One and a half cup of sugar

One egg

A stick of butter

Vanilla ice cream

Strawberries or Fruits
In a bowl whisk one egg with two table spoons of sugar, and whisk in the cream.
Throw in the separated bread slices into the mixture and leave to rest for 15 minutes.
In a pan, throw in some sugar, and a small tablespoon of butter, and in the end a mild pint of cream to make the caramel.
On the stove throw two table spoons of butter, and place the soaked bread in the butter.
Flip to the other side in 5 minutes, then remove once crisp.
Enjoy warm with caramel glaze, and a scoop of ice cream along with some fruits!

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