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Spices & Their Perfect Matches

In the process of cooking, and when it comes to any type of cuisine, we tend to pair flavors, with one another, and hence the outcome is a certain food, or taste. For us to achieve optimal and ideal flavors we need to be aware of the best manner to pair our spices, so today we came up with a list of basic spices, and what flavors, types of food, or other spices they are ideally paired with.

Anise: ideal with sugary foods, and best paired with garlic, anise gives an ideal flavor for pumpkin, pork, and it is an exemplary tea.

Bay Leaves: they perfectly flavor a marinade for steak, and pork, and they pair well with side sauces.

Basil: a perfect addition to carbohydrates, it pairs well when cooked with tomato, or beef, chicken, and eggs. Basil tastes best when combined with thyme or rosemary.

Cinnamon: well paired with Nutmeg, and ginger. It is a great spice for cookies, cakes, chicken, lamb, apples, and banana.

Coriander: combines well with poultry, rice, and tomato. An ideal addition to coriander is ginger, lemon juice, bay leaves, and curry.

Cumin: a perfect combination to chickpeas, as well as cabbage, parsley, and cheese. The best spice pairing with cumin is chili powder.

Ginger: ideally combined with pumpkin, seafood, and beef; perfectly paired with cinnamon, basil, and thyme.

Nutmeg: ideally paired with cinnamon, and a perfect ingredient for baked foods, such as bread, cakes, muffins, brownies. Nutmeg is also good for beef marinades.

Oregano: best paired with chili powder, basil, and rosemary; also a great ingredient in mushroom based dishes, pasta, and beef.

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