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  • While contact lenses and glasses help your vision, certain foods can give you better eyesight
    What to know

    Foods That Can Improve Eyesight

    Poor vision can be fixed with glasses and contact lenses, but also with special foods and nutrients. While millions around the world wear glasses or lenses to improve their vision, most…

  • oven baked fries potato recipe
    What to make

    How To Make Oven Baked Fries

    French fries is one of the world’s most popular foods, but there’s an equally tasty, healthier alternative. There’s almost no meal in the world that you can’t add a side order…

  • It's not safe to eat moldy food, mold can be toxic and dangerous
    What to know

    What To Do With Moldy Food

    While some foods can be eaten moldy, mold can be very dangerous to eat, and cutting it away is not enough. Let’s say your hungry and head to the kitchen to…

  • There's a good difference between table salt, kosher salt and sea salt
    What to know

    Know Your Salt

    Even though they can be used interchangeably, there’s quite a difference between table salt, kosher salt and sea salt. If you’re a cook, amateur or professional, you know that salt is…

  • learn how to make sun dried tomatoes at home
    What to make

    Learn How To Sun Dry Tomatoes At Home

    Drying tomatoes in the sun leaves a richer flavor than drying them in an over or dehydrator. To sun dry tomatoes doesn’t require any special skills or equipment. It is easy,…

  • the humidity drawer in your fridge could trap moisture in apples and keep them fresh
    What to know

    How To Keep Apples Fresh

    Bought to many apples? There’s a simple way to keep them fresh and tasty for a longer period of time. It happens to us all. For some reason, we come back…