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There's a good difference between table salt, kosher salt and sea salt

Even though they can be used interchangeably, there’s quite a difference between table salt, kosher salt and sea salt.

If you’re a cook, amateur or professional, you know that salt is an essential ingredient in any dish or cuisine. However, most of us are used to using table salt in everything, and remain ignorant about the uses of kosher salt and sea salt.

Yes, the three types of salt are essentially the same and can be used interchangeably. But if you want your cooking to taste on point, then you should use the right salt in your dish/

Table Salt

table salt

This is most recognizable and commonly used salt there is. Table salt is made up of refined, evenly shaped crystals, which could contain anti-caking agents. While it could be used for almost anything at anytime, it is best used for salting soups and broths, or for additional seasoning while eating.

Kosher Salt

kosher salt

Kosher salt is less refined, which makes it more coarse, and rather flaky. Although table salt is the most commonly used, kosher salt is the most versatile type, and can be used at any stage of cooking or eating, on and in almost everything.

Sea Salt

sea salt

As the name implies, sea salt is derived from evaporating seawater, and therefore could contain some other minerals that could affect taste and color. It is the coarsest salt, and its crystals are big compared to other types. However, its high price makes it a luxury item that most people can’t afford on daily basis.

Yes, I know, they all sound like they’re the same thing. But if you follow cooking instructions correctly and use the right salt, it could make all the difference.

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