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  • What to make

    DIY Chocolate and Mint Lip Balm

    Winter is here! And with that comes the hassle of dryness, chapped lips, and dehydrated skin. So to deal with those sad chapped lips we tend to run to the closest…

  • What to make

    DIY Home Made Coconut Oil Scrub

    Scrubs are really important for your skin, they help cast away the residues of whatever has come under your it, and they rejuvenate, revitalize, and freshen up your skin, whether used…

  • What to make

    Home Made Toner and Eye Cream

    Since we are discussing everything healthy and natural, we thought it would be good to talk about the things that are able to maintain a healthy and vital skin, without having to…

  • Canvas At The Volkshotel
    What to visit

    Our Culinary Schedule In Amsterdam

    Amsterdam is home to a cosmopolitan people, and hence all one can expect from food is that it would be equally exotic, variant, and colorful. So we took some time, lots…

  • What to know

    A Little Did You Know On Women

    History, biology, and so many other things contribute to the fascinating thing that a woman is, or even merely a human. Being conscious we truly seek to know, and unravel the…

  • What to know

    The Female Body, A Round Up of Facts

    Evolution has allowed for the human body to recreate itself according to its adaptive needs, and according to what it physically and emotionally seeks. That is a personal opinion for that…