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Scientists Find New Super Antibiotics

scientists have found new antibiotics called malacidin that can kill mrsa bacteria

A new type of antibiotics that are capable of killing drug resistant bacteria has been found in soil samples.

Scientists looking through thousands of soil samples have found a new called malacidin, which can kill the super bacteria MRSA without harming humans. These new antibiotics could possible help in creating a new treatment.

MRSA has antimicrobial resistance, making it able to fight back against drugs and can even become immune to them.

To effectively kill these kinds of bacteria, researchers have to find new strains of antibiotics, but the last one found – before malacidin – was teixobactin, 31 years ago.

Malacidin was discovered by a team of scientists at Rockefeller University, led by Dr. Brad Hover and Dr. Sean Brady, as they were researching antibiotics related to daptomycin and their calcium-dependent nature.

But since it would be impractical to culture samples in the lab, they used gene sequencing to study microorganisms from nearly two thousand soil samples taken across the United States.

In their study, published in the journal Nature Microbiology, Drs. Hover and Brady said that the antibiotics is only effective against a certain type of bacteria, the gram positives, which include MRSA.

However, the discovery suggests that there might be more, similar antibiotics out there for us to discover.

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