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The Pavilions At The Expo Dubai 2020

Dubai is a city we frequent a lot, and in 2013 we were happy to hear that the Expo 2020 will be happening in none other than the UAE. Within its previous edition the expo took place in the city of Milan, and it was a major event for every city on the planet, people showcased their cultures, folklore, culinary traditions, and so much more.UAE-dubai-expo-2020-BIG-foster-partners-grimshaw-pavilion-4

For the 2020 edition of the Expo, we were definitely waiting in anticipation for what the city of Dubai plans to do with this expo. The theme for the year 2020 is “Connecting Minds, Creating The Future”. Dubai is definitely the perfect locale for such a theme, especially given that it is the hub of technology in the Middle East.UAE-dubai-expo-2020-BIG-foster-partners-grimshaw-pavilion-3

The Expo 2020 will span six months time, and the expo site spans on a 200 hectare piece of land. The expo will definitely feature landmarks which are standalone pieces of grandiose architecture. The sub themes tackled within the Expo 2020 are sustainability, mobility, and opportunity.UAE-dubai-expo-2020-BIG-foster-partners-grimshaw-pavilion-2

Many firms pitched in for the opportunity to design for this event, however three pavilions were chosen finally. The first by Danish firm BIG, which designed the opportunity pavilion, Forester + Partners who designed the pavilion for the sub theme mobility, and the theme of sustainability pavilion was designed by Grimshaw.UAE-dubai-expo-2020-BIG-foster-partners-grimshaw-pavilion-1

The pavilions will remain as standalone landmarks after the expo, and we are truly looking forward to the wonders which will happen in Dubai at the Expo 2020.

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