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Our Favorite Lebanese/Armenian Restaurant Just Opened In Qatar

There is a local eatery in Beirut, we visited on a weekly basis. This place offered some amazing Lebanese-Armenian fusion dishes. This place happened to open in Doha, which is super awesome! The Qatari people really need to try this food!  This place is called Al Mayyas.

Al Mayas is one of our favorite eateries of all time, in Beirut it is located in Ashrafyeh, on a small beautiful street, decorated with beautiful sparkling lights, and some gorgeous greenery. In Doha, and with their most recent location, Al Mayas opened its doors in the gorgeous area of The Pearl, in La Croisette, Porto Arabia.

There are certain specialties that we find are super essential and to try, of them are, their gorgeous seasoned potatoes fried and then sautéed in lemon juice, chili, garlic, and coriander, one of the other items that are to die for in Al Mayas is their famous Kabab Karaz, an Armenian specialty with a twist, this dish consists of kabab, seasoned in cherries, pomegranate molasses, lemon juice, and some beautiful seasoning, a definite must try dish.

Also, one has to try their amazing Ras Asfour, a dish that consists of little pieces of lamb beef, seasoned, and sautéed in butter, lemon juice, and spices.

Al Mayas offers quality dishes at fair prices, one will find definitely worth the try! Al Mayas in Doha, has an extra special terrace with an amazing view for one to indulge and enjoy.

To visit Al Mayas in Qatar check out their social media.

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