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81-Year-Old Palestinian Man Goes Back To High School

81-Year-Old Palestinian Man Goes Back To High School

Even after turning 81, this Palestinian grandpa is determined to set an example and graduate high school.

As a child, Abdel-Qader Abu Ajameyah went to school near the Palestinian village of Ramla, but in 1948 he had to escape the occupation and his hunger for education went starving.

As refugees, Abou Ajameyah’s family settled in the West Bank, where he, despite his young age, had to start selling food to support his siblings and parents.

Now, decades later, Abou Ajameyah is still determined to bring home a diploma. Despite having 14 children and 36 grandchildren, he finds the time to study at least 5 hours a day as he prepares for his exams.

“I want to set an example to generations – never stop learning”

                                                               – Abdel-Qader Abu Ajameyah

Even though a recent stroke has restricted his hand movement, he has said that “there is no limit for someone to study, it does not stop at a certain age.” He took a shot at the exams in a special room set aside fro him at a local school, during which he dictated the answers to a woman who helped write down the answers on his behalf.

An example he is indeed. With the exam results coming out sometime in mid-July, his family is preparing for a celebration if he passes. However, his son has said that Abou Ajameyah will not be going on to college.

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