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What White Stripes on Chicken Breast Means

red meat might actually be healthier than chicken breast with white stripes

Many opt chicken breast because it is healthier and less fatty, but have you noticed the white stripes recently?

Chicken breast is a meat loved all over the world. It is tasty, lean, “healthier” and not so “fatty”. But over recent years chickens have developed white stripes over their breasts, what are they?

Changes in how we farm chickens and mass produce their meat has over the years affected the quality of the food. It might have even changed everything we know about it.

Frozen chicken breast with white stripes

Frozen chicken breast with white stripes

Have you ever taken out a frozen pack of chicken breast and noticed white stripes all over? Well I for instance believed them to be frozen water that thaws away, but that theory, which is shared by many, is very wrong.

Truly lean chicken breast does not have any white stripes. But after mass industrialization, market competition and high demand, farmers are racing to make bigger chickens in less time.

Those white stripes, are excess fat that are not present in meat from free range chicken. This means that it can not only be as unhealthy as red meat, but proper red meat might even be healthier than farmed chicken.

Be careful what you buy, and always make sure to check the source of your food. What you believe is healthy could in reality be very bad for you.

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