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ONEAN – The Future of Water Sports

Everyone loves water sports. There is something about water, whether in the ocean, lakes, rivers or pools, people can not get enough of playing around in water. Every year millions around the year anticipate summer for the sole reason of getting undressed and getting wet, and the best way to enjoy water is splashing around.

Recent years have given birth to awesome water toys and sports such as the water scooter, flyboarding and blob jumping, but this recent addition will blow you away.

Sure we have all wished to catch big waves off the coast of Hawaii, gliding into shore on a surfboard, but it’s hard to surf without waves, or knowing the basics at least.

ONEAN is the solution for all wannabe surfers who live away from the waves. This innovative board is powered by electric jet propulsion, which both safe and environment friendly.

The company offers two variations of their boards. The Carver is perfect for people who just want glide over flat water without having to worry about wave-speed. The shorter Manta board is designed for those who just want chill, and cruise into the horizon.

The boards are not on sale yet, but you can pre-order one by contacting the company through their website.


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