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Nio Takes On Tesla In The Electric Car Market

The exterior of the Nio Eve concept car - Nio

A startup called Nio just showed-off their super cool concept of an autonomous electric car they plan to have on the roads by 2020.

Formerly known as NextEV, Nio is looking to enter the autonomous electric car market and already has everyone who’s seen their upcoming concept car on their side.

Inside the Nio Eve - NioOver the weekend, Nio announced that they were officially entering the electric cars market in the US, at the SXSW in Austin, Texas. They added that they will be launching their first commercial self-driving, electric vehicle in the US by 2020.

Called the Nio Eve, it looks like something straight out of a futuristic sci-fi movie, and it is awesome. If there’s a future for autonomous electric cars, we want the Eve in it.

The Eve, is Nio’s concept car that comes with an artificial intelligence bot that answers to the name Nomi.

Being AI, Nomi can learn its passenger’s preferences over time, and can communicate with the people it’s transporting using a heads-up display inside the vehicle.

The car’s exterior and interior are both as impressive and beautifully designed for comfort, luxury and practicality.

The Nio Eve back seats - Nio

The Nio Eve back seats – Nio

Entering through it’s sliding doors, you’ll find a spacious passenger cabin with reclining seats and folding tables, surrounded by a panoramic roof.

While Tesla cars are already a favorite and in the market, the Nio Eve sets a whole new standards for the definition of self-driving electric vehicles. Tesla, as well as other car manufacturers, have 3 years to come up with next best thing before the Eve dominates the market.

While driving an electric roadster is tempting, I would rather relax in the back seat of a luxurious Eve and let Nomi take the wheel after a long day at work.

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