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  • Qatar Quality company announced of plans to start manufacturing electric cars in Qatar
    What to know

    Electric Cars Made in Qatar

    We might be manufacturing electric cars, right here in Qatar, by as soon as 2023. Ali bin Nasser al Misnad, Chairman of the Qatar Quality company, have announced that Qatar might…

  • Lego Chiron - a Bugatti Chiron replica made completely our of Lego
    What to know

    A Drivable Lego Bugatti is Now Reality

    Bugatti are known for making super-fast, super-expensive cars. But it’s a completely different game when they team up with Lego. An assembly of more than one million Lego pieces, this Bugatti…

  • The Kalashnikov CV-1 electric car could be a Tesla competitor
    What to know

    Kalashnikov Takes On Tesla

    Kalashnikov, maker of the famous AK-47 rifle, takes on the electric cars market with the brand new CV-1. Ok, the AK-47 remains one of the most popular (and most used) rifles…

  • Mercedes-Benz Arrow460-Grandturismo yacht nicknamed the “Silver Arrow of the Seas”
    What to know

    Mercedes-Benz Debus Edition 1 Yacht

    Check out the luxurious Mercedes-Benz Arrow460-Grandturismo yacht nicknamed the “Silver Arrow of the Seas”. Although known for their luxurious cars, the world is now anticipating the sleek Mercedes-Benz Arrow460-Grandturismo yacht, which…

  • China is looking to ban fossil fuel cars and focus on the electric cars market
    What to know

    China Will Ban Fossil Fuel Cars

    Following the footsteps of Britain and France, China has announced that they will ban fossil fuel cars in the near future. Despite not being clear on a timetable, the world’s largest…

  • car brands super cars mahindra groupe renault
    What to know

    10 Car Brands Didn’t Know Existed

    While some car companies dominate the world market, there are many rather big car brands that go under the radar. There are thousands of car brands around the world, but people…