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The Best Flowers For A Zen Office

Offices constantly need some additional greenery, they are over populated with people, they are usually cramped up spaces, which require constant maintenance. However the elements we decorate with can be less high maintenance, for instance, a plant. It is probably one of the most beautiful ornaments for an office space. So today we have rounded up the best low maintenance plants to have at the office.

Known for giving a space so much good energy, a bonsai is probably the least low maintenance plant on our list, however it is one which radiates of good energy, and a must have at the office.


Known for being one of the most low maintenance plants, the cactus requires watering only once per week, along with fast drained soil, the cactus is known for being a feng shui ornament.

Spider Plant

This plan can literally grow out of nothing, it is a plant characterized by its abundant and rich leaves which emerge from the ground, and within these leaves grow vertical stemmed white flowers, the spider plant reduces pollutants from the room environment.

Peace Lily

The peace lily is a very easy plant to care for, it requires very little maintenance, they are characterized by white beautiful flowers and dark green leaves, they refresh the air which we breathe, and they are truly a blessing for indoor spaces.

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