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Microsoft Introduces Skype Lite


Microsoft has developed Skype Lite, a the mobile app that will let you have high quality video calls no matter what.

Skype Lite might be Microsoft’s genius innovation to spread their services across India and its vast population. The 13 MB app was just announced in Mumbai, and is promised to work under the poorest internet conditions.

The lite app is already available on Android, and is being marketed as the one-stop-shop application, with which you can message,call and share.

Also, Microsoft has built the app to include bots as well as automated services like MSN News. the bots are Google Assitant-like and will fetch you what they predict you are interested in.

However, what really makes Skye Lite so important for the Indian market is that is offers Aadhar authentication. Aadhar is the government’s database of national identification numbers. Each one is a 12 digit unique-identity number that is issued to an Indian citizen by based on their biometric and demographic data.

With this feature, callers on both ends can ask the app to verify the other user. When verification is requested, the other person will be asked to punch in their 12-digit number along with a single use password that is sent to their phone.

This will help verify callers and message sender, especially in cases of job interviews.

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