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  • Instagram rolls out voice messages
    What to know

    Instagram Gets Voice Messages

    It started with photos and soon after introduced videos, now Instagram is tapping into voice messaging. Starting today, Instagram users around the world will be able to send each other voice…

  • The new Pokemon GO Battles mode lets players battle other players
    What to know

    Pokemon GO Battles Are Finally Here

    Ever since the game first launched, players all over the world have been waiting for a Pokemon GO Battles feature. Niantic has finally introduced a Pokemon GO playing mode where trainers…

  • Spotify is now allowing independent artists to upload their music without record labels
    What to know

    Spotify To Allow Indie Artists Music

    Independent artists will soon be able to upload their music directly to the Spotify platform. Spotify has announced a new beta feature which will let independent artists upload their music directly…

  • New Netflix ads will change the way we binge watch shows
    What to know

    Ads Are Coming To Netflix

    Netflix have announced a major change that could change the way we binge watch out favorite series. Besides the occasional “Are you still watching” message, we currently have the privilege to…

  • Microsoft rolls out Skype 8.0 with hd video calls
    What to know

    Take A Look At The New Skype

    Skype 8.0 just launched on desktop and offers HD video calls, as well as encryption and call recording. Over the years, Skype has been able to remain on of the world’s…