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  • Microsoft rolls out Skype 8.0 with hd video calls
    What to know

    Take A Look At The New Skype

    Skype 8.0 just launched on desktop and offers HD video calls, as well as encryption and call recording. Over the years, Skype has been able to remain on of the world’s…

  • microsoft whiteboard is now available on windows and soon on ios
    What to know

    Microsoft Whiteboard is Live!

    Microsoft Whiteboard is now available for all Windows users, and will be available on iOS as well soon. We got a glimpse of the new app alongside the new Surface Pro…

  • Microsoft Paint
    What to know

    Farewell Microsoft Paint

    Enjoy Microsoft Paint while you can, because the company just announced that they will scrap the iconic art software. Microsoft Paint, everyone’s first favorite computer software will not be included in…

  • Xbox one X console
    What to know

    Introducing The Xbox One X

    Microsoft has just revealed the world’s most powerful console, the revolutionary Xbox One X. Just two days before E3 2017 – the biggest video game conference in North America – Microsoft…

  • Skype
    What to know

    Microsoft Introduces Skype Lite

    Microsoft has developed Skype Lite, a the mobile app that will let you have high quality video calls no matter what. Skype Lite might be Microsoft’s genius innovation to spread their…