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Microsoft Whiteboard is Live!

microsoft whiteboard is now available on windows and soon on ios

Microsoft Whiteboard is now available for all Windows users, and will be available on iOS as well soon.

We got a glimpse of the new app alongside the new Surface Pro last May, and got a public beta version in December. But now the app is live to all Windows users to… well… use.

As the company describes it, it’s an “infinite canvas” which allows you to draw sketches, take notes and much more with the simple use of your fingers, keyboard or pen.

Whiteboard also allows teams to collaborate remotely, and it will automatically upload the final outcome onto the cloud.

It also has a lot of new features that it didn’t have before, but were added based on feedback during beta testing, including “text notes, the ability to add and manipulate images, enhancements to shape and table recognition, accessibility improvements, compliance with various global standards, and more.”

While all Windows users can go ahead a try the app right now, it will also be made available on iOS as well as a browser based version in the near future, the company said.

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