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Green House Kitchen: An Experience Like No Other

Green House Kitchen

While I was doing my research for the trip to Amsterdam, I stumbled upon an article on Munchies; that talked about a very unique concept that opened in Amsterdam. Green House Kitchen is located next door to Green House Coffee Shop, what intrigued me about the Green House Kitchen was the fact that the concept of this restaurant associated many senses into the experience of eating.

The place mainly consists of a very interesting and variant menu, from amazing steaks, to risotto, soup, and many more colorful and tasteful dishes. This does for the eating part, what is most creative about the restaurant is the fact that throughout dinner, you were offered a vaporizer, which is almost an electrical hookah, for the use of the vaporizer, each table was offered a number of four aromas, including lavender, chamomile, and many more.

Green House Kitchen

Green House Kitchen

Before ordering, a very kind waitress offers to explain how to use the vaporizer. The concept is extremely fresh and people are really responding so well to the experience of vaping alongside eating.

What you should probably know before visiting Green House Kitchen is that the use of weed is allowed within the vaporizers, instead of vaporizing the offered herbs at the table, the client is free to use their own herbs or weed.

The experience was unique, and overall satisfactory. The food was truly pleasant; the vaporizing adds a lot of aroma, and ambiance to the entire dinner. I would really recommend that one tries the lavender vaporizer as it is one of the best aromas out there.

We were really impressed by how friendly, professional, and courteous the waitresses were, we were also visited by the restaurant manager, truly a rarity in Amsterdam. The Green House Kitchen has a very unique feel to it, and the ambiance created through the staff’s enthusiasm is also amazing! We encourage everyone to try this new concept, they are worth the trip. So here is the Green House Kichen website, we recommend a reservation ahead of time.

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