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A Unique Educational Experience At KidsMondo Doha With Qatar Airways

It’s already big news that KidzMondo Doha will be opening its doors in the Mall of Qatar on August 23, and now another announcement was made about the international edutainment concept: it will partner up with non-other than Qatar Airways.

The largest indoor edutainment theme park opening soon is 8000 sqm large and built over two levels and it will feature an interactive small-scale city that kids between 2 and 14 can solely explore and manage. The city will include over 80 real-life simulation activities across different business settings including an airport, bank, rail, bakery, radio station, fire department, and hospital. This will allow the kids, in addition to learning more about each profession in a fun way, to boost their confidence in an interactive environment.

Kidzmondo even has a currency of its own called Kidlar and children upon arrival will receive a boarding pass and a personal cheque to cash at the bank in exchange for the currency that they can spend in the different establishments at the park.

Now with the partnership between KidzMondo Doha and Qatar Airways, another interactive learning experience will be added, offering the kids the chance to experience being pilots or part of the cabin crew. Through this educational activity, they will get a better understanding of Qatar Airways’s functioning as a global air space within a specially adapted real aircraft model that kids will be able to explore, and examine its different parts.

Children will also be able to dress up in proper uniforms to take on each role and will be assisted by one or two educators. As they enter each establishment, they will be required to spend a different amount of Kidlar and each activity is around 20 to 25 minutes. Although parents will be able to watch their kids through many windows, they will not be permitted to partake in the activities.

In the end, children will be learning more about the value of money, working hard, teamwork and the different professions, while boosting their confidence and independence.

Qatar Aiways-KidzMondo

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