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Orbis Flying Eye Hospital In Doha

The Orbis flying eye hospital

The unique Orbis plane fitted with an eye hospital was welcomed in Doha by Qatar Airways last week, and they’re staying until the end of the month.

The Orbis Flying Eye Hospital in Doha - Qatar Airways

The Orbis Flying Eye Hospital in Doha – Qatar Airways

The Qatari national carrier welcomed Orbis Flying Eye Hospital with an official reception at the Doha International Airport with the attendance of the British and Bangladeshi ambassador, as well as the executive director of Qatar Fund for Development Misfir Hamad Al-Shahwani.

The Orbis flying eye hospital is a MD-10 aircraft fitted with a fully operational medical training facility, bringing training to eye doctors and nurses in developing countries. On board the plane, you can find classrooms, theaters and laser rooms, where doctors can observe and take notes as live operations take place.

It is piloted by volunteer aviators who have donated their free time to fly the plane to various cities around the globe.

The flying hospital will be on display until March 29, spreading awareness about preventable blindness and its impact of developing countries.

In Doha, Orbis will be promoting the Qatar Creating Vision eye health initiative, a project that brings together three charities and 19 hospitals to provide 5.5 million children with eye tests and treatments in India and Bangladesh before 2020.

Orbis International is an international non-profit non-governmental organization that is dedicated to saving sight all over the world. They run a program that focuses on preventing blindness and offering treatment for blinding eye diseases in developing countries through training, education and advocacy since 1982.

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