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  • the azolla fern, which triggered an ice age, and can help reverse global warming
    What to know

    Meet The Azolla Fern

    Also known as the mosquito fern, the Azolla has so many benefits it might even help us save the planet from global warming. Looking like no other fern, the Azolla fern…

  • Plants Can Feel When You Eat Them
    What to know

    Plants Can Feel When You Eat Them

    Bad news for vegetarians and vegans, plants can feel and are intelligent enough to know when you’re eating them, and they don’t like it. While millions around the planet have adopted…

  • What to know

    The Best Flowers For A Zen Office

    Offices constantly need some additional greenery, they are over populated with people, they are usually cramped up spaces, which require constant maintenance. However the elements we decorate with can be less…