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Meet The Azolla Fern

the azolla fern, which triggered an ice age, and can help reverse global warming

Also known as the mosquito fern, the Azolla has so many benefits it might even help us save the planet from global warming.

Looking like no other fern, the Azolla fern resembles duckweed and looks more like a moss. Even though it looks rather useless, it is actually vital to environmental sustainability, and might even help us find a solution to global warming.

A canal covered with Azolla fern.

It’s a highly productive in its nature and can double in biomass in just a few days. Since it can grow quickly, it is used by Asian rice farmers to cover rice patties and protect them from infestations.

When the plant dies, its decaying parts releases nitrogen into the water, which can provide up to nine tons per hectare of protein for the rice plants.

It is so efficient at pulling carbon dioxide from the atmosphere that researchers believe it to have triggered an ice age 50 millions years ago, when earth was covered in greenhouse gases.

Today, scientists are looking into its properties to try to make use of them to help reverse global warming.

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