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Plant Trees By Searching Through Ecosia


Plant a tree while browsing the web with Ecosia, the greenest search engine out there.

When it comes to green businesses, they don’t come greener than Ecosia, the Berlin-based search engine that promises to plant a tree for every time you find something online through their services.

The CO2-neutral company pledges to donate 80% of their surplus income to planting trees, and promotes full financial transparency. In November 2014, they announced that have passed 1 million trees planted, and said that their new mission will be to plant 1 billion trees by 2020.

The search results you would get by using their engine are powered by Bing but uses the Ecosia’s very own search algorithms. Like other similar companies, they generate profit from ads that show up next to search results. Every click on a sponsored link generates profit for the tree planters paid by their partners at Microsoft Bing.

Since different keywords and ads generate profit differently, more lucrative keywords could possibly finance more than on tree at a time, while others might only generate the fraction of what planting a tree would cost.

In December 2016, the company estimated that each search raises around 0.5 Euro cents, meaning that raising enough for a tree would cost 56 searches, which generate around 0.28 Euros.

You can add their search engine directly to your browser with a few clicks. All it takes to search through Ecosia, is to visit www.ecosia.com or to download and enable it to your browser as an extension.

You don’t have a reason to feel like you’re not giving back by sitting at home browsing the web all day, use Ecosia and instantly start planting trees. They even count how many trees you helped plant to make you feel extra good about yourself and so that you could witness the impact you’re doing firsthand.


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