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Plants Through Ages Decorating Places At Katara

Katara never ceases to impress us, always active, and always bringing us the most brilliant events, workshops, and exhibitions to take part in and indulge. The latest must see exhibition currently happening at Katar is titled “Plants through ages decorating places” by the renowned artist Malik Hamza Saiid.

We all know how much we adore the significance of greenery on our lives, this is we believe, and we want our readers to believe in the true power of nature. This exhibition does exactly that! It is relaying a message the whole world wants to hear.

Malik Hamza Saiid added: “This exhibition is perceived as an opportunity to raise public awareness on how people in the community can add a touch of art and beauty to their homes by using natural components and materials as a decoration style in their palaces, and apartments.”

“All my work here is made of natural materials and objects including dried plants, but with new techniques that give life and naturalness to the plants used,”

Instead of using plastic, or glass, or material dubbed non-ecofriendly, we should all learn to decorate with the wonders of the earth, and this exhibition makes sure we all draw inspiration from the works of the artist.

This exhibiton has begun on the 18th of April, and is running until the 29th of April, so make sure to drop by Katara building 22, after 7pm, to see the whole show.

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