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Apeel Sciences Solves Produce Spoilage Problem

Apeel Sciences Solves Produce Spoilage Problem

Millions of tons of fruits and vegetables go to waste each year, but a California startup has the answer, it’s edible coating by Apeel Sciences.

Much of the fresh produce you find at the market is going to end up in landfills because it will get spoiled before it is eaten. With edible spray from Apeel Sciences food will last a whole lot longer.

It can take days, weeks and even months for fruits and vegetables to end up in stores from the time they are picked, and it can take even days before you eat them after purchase.

We have all had that problem. You buy a few too many apples and decide to save them for later. A few days after, you feel like an apple, you head into the kitchen to grab one but find out they have gone rotten.

Stores face the same problem. Once they have fruits and vegetables in they only have a few days to sell them off, because no one wants to buy spoiled food. Therefore, much food ends up in landfills.

A startup in California, USA, believes they have found the solution to this dilemma. Apeel Sciences believes “in abundance”, and have developed a very witty way to preserve produce way past their “expiry date”.

They have developed an edible coating that can simply be sprayed over foods and make them last about five times longer than their average shelf life. It is made out of leftover skin and stems from plants, and acts as a barrier to slow down the decay process.

Apeel’s Edipeel and Invisipeel are being used by six farms, stretching from Southern California to Kenya and Nigeria, and have been labeled “generally recognized as safe” by the US Food and Drug Administration.

Edipeel is a micro-thin, invisible peel that traps water inside the fruit or vegetable and reduces oxidation, while Invisipeel repels insects, meaning there’s no more need for toxic pesticides.

Check out how it works in the video below.


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