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Nasa Curiosity Rover Finds Building Block For Life on Mars

Curiosity Rover has found organic matter, building blocks for life, on the surface of Mars - Nasa

The unmanned rover roaming the surface of Mars has found organic matter on the dead planet, Nasa announced.

Nasa streamed a conference last night during which they announced that their Curiosity rover has found organic matter on Mars, suggesting that the planet once homed life.

The complex organic matter was found in 3.5 billion-year-old rocks inside the Gale crater, which the rover drilled into.

Curiosity also found seasonal types of methane, which is believed to stem from the plant’s subsurface water.

The data was collected by drilling into the lowest point of the Gale crater, which is part of Nasa’s increased search for extraterrestrial life.

With many companies aspiring to start colonizing Mars soon, this news gives them greater hope. The organic material detected was found in some of the harshest environment on the red planet, meaning that it isn’t as bad as we previously believed.

With water found on the martian surface not long ago, and now organic matter, it could mean that the planet is in fact habitable.

Astronomers will now double up efforts to see whether or not the material belonged to something living, and whether or not it is still alive somewhere on (or inside) the planet.

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