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  • the world's smallest baby boy was born weighing 268 grams at a hospital in Japan
    What to know

    World’s Smallest Baby Goes Home

    After spending months at a Tokyo hospital, the world’s smallest baby boy can finally go home, Reuters reports. A baby boy in Japan believed to be the smallest baby boy in…

  • Omega-3 fish oil supplements during pregnancy is essential for a child's development
    What to know

    Fish Oil Supplements Essential In Pregnancy

    Danish researchers have found that fish oils supplements during pregnancy improves a child’s muscle and bone development. Children whose parents were on fish oil supplements during pregnancy had a higher BMI…

  • how to deliver vitamin d supplements and beat deficiency in breastfeeding babies
    What to know

    Vitamin D and Breastfeeding

    Vitamin D is essential to a baby’s healthy development, but how can you deliver it through breastfeeding? When it comes to babies, vitamin D is essential to healthy bone development and…

  • natural ways to remove stretch marks and promote healthy skin
    What to make

    Natural Ways To Remove Stretch Marks

    Even though everyone should be happy and comfortable with own body, some still hate their stretch marks. There are many reasons people get stretch marks, like quick weight gain or loss,…

  • baby brain has been confirmed in pregnant women when compared to non-pregnant women
    What to know

    Pregnant Women Really Do Get Baby Brain

    The phenomenon known as “baby brain” that affects pregnant woman has been confirmed by new study. While researchers have brushed off “baby brain”, a condition associated with poor decision making and…