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Pregnant Women Really Do Get Baby Brain

baby brain has been confirmed in pregnant women when compared to non-pregnant women

The phenomenon known as “baby brain” that affects pregnant woman has been confirmed by new study.

While researchers have brushed off “baby brain”, a condition associated with poor decision making and lack of concentration in pregnant women, as a myth, a new study suggests that it might be real.

Researchers from Australia’s Deakin University analyzed the cognitive function of 709 pregnant women and compared them to those of 521 non-pregnant women.

Women were asked to do tasks such as memorizing a series of numbers to test their digit span.

It found in a report published in the Medical Journal of Australia that pregnant women performed poorly on tasks measuring attention, memory and decision-making, compared to non-pregnant women.

The scientists also found baby brain to affect different women differently and at various phases of pregnancy.

Even though the pregnant woman performed worse compared to non-pregnant women, they were still performing within the normal spectrum.

This however proves that women might not feel as alert while expecting child, and this could possibly have an impact on everyday life.

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