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What It’s Like on The World’s Longest Flight

Singapore Airlines just launched the world’s longest flight from Singapore to New York

Singapore Airlines relaunched its nonstop flight from Singapore to New York yesterday, the world’s longest flight by route.

After being cancelled five years ago, Singapore Airlines has relaunched the direct flight from its capital Singapore to New York City, bringing back the world’s longest flight in terms of distance.

Before the direct flight was brought back, flyers had to make a stop in Frankfurt, Germany, before continuing to the US. Back then, the flight was cancelled because of rising oil prices, but it’s back as an available route as of Thursday, October 11.

Prior to yesterday’s flight, the record was held by Qatar Airways and their direct flight from Doha to Auckland, Australia.

An economy price ticket for the flight costs at least $1,620, while business class seats start at $5,000. It took the plane 18 hours and 25 minutes to cross the entire 15,343 kilometers.

The carrier also plans on introducing a non-stop flight from Singapore to Los Angeles this upcoming November. They will do it on-board an Airbus A350-900 Ultra Long Range aircraft.

To make the flight possible, the airline had to cut the number of average passengers from 253 to 161, and made only to passenger classes available – premium economy and business.

There are two cabin crew teams on board each flight, as well as two captains and two first officers. Before returning to Singapore, pilots have to take three nights off in New York City.

Passengers could spend the 18 and a half hours exploring the web, over the plane’s free WiFi service, or they can pick on of the 1,2000 hours of movies and series that are installed on in-flight entertainment system.

The flight might be long and exhausting, but it is not boring.

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