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How To Protect Your Facial Skin

How To Protect Your Facial Skin

Have you ever wondered how to wash your face the right way to get that perfect facial skin?

You’re face is everything, it is how you’re seen and remembered, it is the first and last impression and your mode of communication to the world. People spend hundreds and thousands of dollars a year to have their facial skin looking glowing and healthy, but there’s on thing they might be doing wrong. The way they wash it.

There is a widespread misconception, that washing your face regularly will drain your skin from its natural oils. While that is true, not washing it regularly can result in build up of a lot of oils which makes your face more prone to acne and breakouts. That is why dermatologists recommend that you wash your face at least once a day, and even twice if you feel like it.

Another thing you should remember is that your facial skin is very sensitive to seasonal changes, and therefore, you should change your facial cleanser accordingly.

During summers, it is recommended that you use a cleanser that contains salicylic acid, while during winters it is better to use a cleanser that is less soap-based that won’t strip your face from its oils.

The most important thing is to be careful with what touches your face. A dirty nail or pillow can transfer microbes and germs onto your skin which can result in outbreaks, so always wash after it touches something you’re suspicious of. Also, make sure that whatever you scrub with or dry up with is clean. But most importantly, don’t wipe, dab lightly. If you rub or press to hard you can actually end up damaging your skin.

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