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  • an ice cube can help you close open pores, cure a pimple and even swollen eyes
    What to know

    Treat Your Skin With An Ice Cube

    Believe it or not, a simple ice cube can do wonders to your skin. Check out how you can make your skin glow below. Most of us have experienced the frustration…

  • Fuller lower lip, natural hair color and other tricks to look younger
    What to know

    5 Tricks To Look Younger

    While everyone tries to look younger with the help of makeup, there are actually a few easy tricks for the best results. If there’s one thing you should never ask from…

  • A Vaccine That Cures Acne
    What to know

    A Vaccine That Cures Acne

    Forget the teenage nightmare called acne, the red inflammation filled with pus will not have a take on children’s self-esteem anymore. Acne has haunted teenagers forever, but its reign of terror…

  • How To Protect Your Facial Skin
    What to know

    How To Protect Your Facial Skin

    Have you ever wondered how to wash your face the right way to get that perfect facial skin? You’re face is everything, it is how you’re seen and remembered, it is…

  • toenails
    What to know

    Get To Know Your Toenails

    You’ve been living with them your whole life, toenails, how much do you really know them? Your toenails are your human version of an animal’s claws, and has more to do…

  • Man treating his facial skin with an activated charcoal mask
    What to make

    DIY Activated Charcoal Mask

    Clean your skin of blackheads and dirt with this quick and easy activated charcoal mask. Using an activated charcoal mask is probably one of the easiest and most efficient ways to…