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Apple Becomes First $1 Trillion Company

iphone maker apple now has a market value of $1 billion USD

The market value of Apple reached $1 trillion on Thursday, making it the first company to break trillion threshold.

Apple share rose over three percent earlier this week, making it the first company in the world with market value of $1 trillion.

Earlier this year shares were being trade at $172. When the market closed on Thursday, they were being traded at $207.

It was strong sales of the iPhone 8 and iPhone X in China and Japan that helped the company pass the $1 trillion threshold. But to keep up with their sales, they will have to be innovative and create a new smartphone that people will not only like, but be impressed by.

Despite being one of the most popular phones in the market, the iPhone is becoming less and less impressive each year, and technology has almost always been found in old models by other smartphone manufacturers.

However, year after year Apple’s Earnings Per Share (EPS) have grown by 40 percent, and revenue 17 percent.

Once the world’s lead smartphone seller have know not only been surpassed by Korean Samsung, but also by Chinese Huawei.

Leaks and rumors about the iPhone 9 are emerging across the internet every day, but it remains unsure which of them are true and which are false. All we can do is wait until they announce it.

If they manage to make a breakthrough phone, Apple could remain one of the biggest companies in the world and shape our future.

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