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  • China finds Philosopher's Stone method which can turn copper into gold
    What to know

    China Finds Philosopher’s Stone

    Well not quite that, but they have found a method that could turn regular copper into actual gold. As history tells, humans have been trying to find a way to turn…

  • Vodafone Qatar will introduce eSIM support along with the new iPhone
    What to know

    Vodafone Qatar Introduces eSIM

    Qatar will become the first country in the region, and among first in the world, to support eSIM technology. Vodafone Qatar will pioneer in the adoption of eSIM technology when they…

  • Qatar Quality company announced of plans to start manufacturing electric cars in Qatar
    What to know

    Electric Cars Made in Qatar

    We might be manufacturing electric cars, right here in Qatar, by as soon as 2023. Ali bin Nasser al Misnad, Chairman of the Qatar Quality company, have announced that Qatar might…

  • Rhodium, platinum, ruthenium, iridum and rhodium are the most valuable metals
    What to know

    Most Expensive Metals In The World

    While gold has a high status globally, there are far more expensive metals out there. They say that all that glitters isn’t gold. It’s true, because it could be something far…

  • Coca-Cola will buy international coffee brand Costa, along with their 1,400 coffee shops
    What to know

    Coca-Cola Buys Costa Coffee Chain

    The Coca-Cola company has agreed to buy Costa, the international coffee chain, for $5.1 billion. Coca-Cola announced on Friday that they will acquire Costa from its UK owners, Whitbread Costa coffee…

  • Crocs, makers of the popular foam clog shows are closing down their last factory
    What to know

    Crocs Close Down Last Factory

    Crocs have announced that they will be closing down their last factory in Italy, sparking global outrage. Although the internet has always claimed to hate Crocs, the comfortable foam clog shoe,…

  • iphone maker apple now has a market value of $1 billion USD
    What to know

    Apple Becomes First $1 Trillion Company

    The market value of Apple reached $1 trillion on Thursday, making it the first company to break trillion threshold. Apple share rose over three percent earlier this week, making it the…

  • An ouija board is said to help mediums communicate with the dead
    What to know

    History of The Ouija Board

    Some of us have tried it ourselves, others know it from horror movies, but we are freaked out from it – the ouija. With claims such as giving us the ability…