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Netflix on Nintendo Switch? It Might Be

Nintendo might announce Nintendo Switch video streaming capabilities at E3, as well as partnership with netflix

An American electronics retailer might have accidentally revealed new video streaming capabilities in the Nintendo Switch.

A product listing on Best Buy’s online store have listed Nintendo Switch as capable of streaming video, as well as having a partnership with Netflix and YouTube, before the company itself made such claims.

The listing describes the Switch as “smart enabled”, stating that users can “stream movies, listen to music, and access a wide variety of other content,” just above the logos of YouTube, Netflix and Hulu.

Best Buy online store Nintendo Switch listing - Business Insider

Best Buy online store Nintendo Switch listing – Business Insider

Since there has been no official statement from Nintendo to the minute, we will assume that the leak is correct, and that it will be announced during Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3, this week.

E3 is the biggest annual gaming conference in the world, which companies like Nintendo take advantage of to make big announcements. Nintendo will be hosting their E3 press conference at 7 p.m. Doha time on Tuesday.

The Switch has however been streaming Hulu since November, when it became the first streaming service on the console.

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