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Sweden Breaks Wind Power Record

he country has harvested in past few days accounts for 26 percent of the entire nation's energy consumption.

Sweden just broke a world record in wind power production after intense winds and storms.

Sweden has for long been a pioneer in green energy, and have been planning to become on of the world’s first countries to run completely on renewable and green energy. While economists and industrialists around the world are very skeptic about the efficiency of renewable energy, Sweden has harvested nuclear levels of wind power.

Within the last few weeks, Sweden was struck by Storm Urd, along with its strong winds. It helped them break last year’s record of 5.7 million kWh by half a million kWh with help of their largest wind power harvesting stations in the south of the country.

The storm hit Sweden over Christmas and just calmed down after the weekend. The hurricane-like winds were captured by the wind farms,which transformed and stored it to be used later on as electric energy to power houses, heating, and more.

In fact, the amount of power that the country has harvested in past few days accounts for 26 percent of the entire nation’s energy consumption.

The switch to clean energy doesn’t only mean more environmentally friendly energy production, but it also means cheaper energy. Cost of electricity for Swedes has decreased almost by a third.

Last year, 2015, the Nordic nation generated an astonishing 16.6 terawatt hours (TWh) of wind-powered electricity. That means that wind power supplied 12 per cent of their energy demand.

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