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Don’t Microwave Food in Plastic Containers, Scientists Warn

you should not microwave your food in plastic containers due to toxic chemicals

When you microwave food in plastic containers, you put yourself at the risk of infertility, diabetes, obesity and cancer.

Scientists in New Delhi, India, have found evidence that heating food in plastic containers using a microwave over can lead to several health complications, including high blood pressure and brain damage.

Chemicals typically found in plastic include chemicals that are harmful to humans, even human embryos.

When these plastics are heated, they can release as much as 95 percent of all harmful chemicals it contains.

The most toxic chemicals that plastic contains are bisphenol A, otherwise known as BPA, and phthalate, as well as PVC, dioxin and styrene, all of which are linked to cancer.

When a chemical like BPA flows into your bloodstream, it could lead to a series of serious health problems, such as infertility.

As the oven is heating the food, the chemicals in the plastic start to leach out and gets absorbed by the food that is touching the plastic.

While the dangers of the microwave oven have not yet been proved, the dangers of microwaved plastic has been. This is why specialists recommend that you only heat things in a ceramic container or plate.

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