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The Qatar International Food Festival is Back!

Qatar International Food Festival 2017

Prepare yourself for a delicious March, because the Qatar International Food Festival is back, and with celebrity chefs.

Can you feel the saliva build up yet? Well it will in a moment, because now you know that the Qatar International Food Festival will be back on March 15.

Continuing into March 25, the 9th edition of the festival will bring even more food stalls than previous years, and will include international celebrity chefs.

Hosted at Hotel Park in Doha, the event will have 2,500 parking spaces made available, 16 additional restroom stalls for visitors to use, and remps to make it easier for people with restricted mobility.

Beyond the festival itself at Hotel Park, more than 60 restaurants and cafes around the country are participating by preparing special set menus.

The sets will include at least three menu items, and will cost you QAR 49 at restaurants and cafes and QAR 99 at hotels.

With a 36% increase in participation from last year, more than 177 stalls are expected to be present, as well as six food trucks and trolleys.

As usual, the Live Cooking Theater will include live cooking shows with some of the world’s most renowned chefs, such as Ajay Chopra, Aisha Altamimi, Masharu Morimoto and Michelin Star celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck.


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