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China Now Has “Yuan Mi” Rice Grown in Saltwater

china have created Yuan Mi rice capable of growing in saltwater

Scientists in China have grown saline-resistant rice called Yuan Mi, an invention that could feed over 200 million people.

Fields, or ponds?, of the rice have been grown. Yuan Mi rice was developed at Saline-Alkali Tolerant Rice Research and Development Center in Qingdao, where they have grown some 9 tons of food in saltwater.

Initially expected to produce around 4.5 tons of rice per hectare, they managed to grow a lot more.

Yuan Mi rice was grown in saltwater from the Yellow Sea, in northeast China. The was was diluted and pumped into pools dug into the beach.

This method is particularly practical for a country like China, which has as much as a million square kilometers of salt water waste land. These vast patches of unused land can now be utilized to feed hundreds of millions.

As much as 50 million tons of Yuan Mi rice can be grown over the entire wasteland area – capable of producing food for some 200 million people.

Beyond its trial stages, the rice has already been grown, harvested and cooked into bowls. Reports say that it tastes as good as ordinary rice.

Also, Yuan Mi rice could possible contain more nutrients than regular rice, such as calcium, which are abundant in saline.

So far, the only problem with the rice is hefty price tag. When this issue is tackled, cheap rice grown everywhere around the world and good bye famine.

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