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High-Tech Helmets For 2022 World Cup Workers

High-Tech Helmets For 2022 World Cup Workers

World Cup 2022 workers in Qatar will be given temperature control helmets before the summer heat.

Laborer working on the 2022 World Cup construction projects in Qatar will have it easier with the flaming heat this summer. The workers, most of which are foreign, will be given special solar-powered cooking helmets that were developed by researchers at Qatar University, according to the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy, the 2022 World Cup organizing body.

Reports claim that the helmets can reduce a wearer’s’ skin temperature by up to 10 degrees celsius, making it easier to cope with searing summer heat of Qatar that can easily reach above the 40 degrees Celsius mark.

However, the helmets are slightly heavier than the normal construction worker’s hard-hat, 300 grams heavier to be precise. But it still committed to the general standards of safety and effectiveness that any construction helmet has.

The helmets are powered by small solar panels installed to them that provide a solar-powered fan with enough juice to blow cool air into a cooling material at the top of the hat. A hood filled with cool air that will run down the wearer’s head, face and neck. Ones the head and face feel cool, the worker’s overall body temperature will follow and drop.

Currently there are around 10,000 migrant laborers working on the World Cup projects. It is a number that the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy is expecting will triple to around 36,000 workers in the coming years leading up to the tournament.

FIFA has been under pressure from various rights group to improve the work and living conditions for world cup laborers. The State of Qatar has been reforming labor laws and coming up with innovations like the cool-air helmets to make sure the worker’s health and safety is always protected.

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