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How To Kill A Hot & Boring Summer Afternoon

Summers mean long days, vacations, days well spent, and others, well not so much. Summers can sometimes be extremely boring, not in terms of weather and such, however in terms of empty time. So many afternoons, you mope around the house, not knowing how to entertain, or how to kill time while also doing something mildly useful.

So today, since we are on the brink of the wonderful summer season, we decided to give our readers some ideas on how to kill a summer afternoon. First off, we know we all love time off, but not everyday should we feel obligated to spend money on a drink out with friends, on desert, or on something trivial. We can have fun while still economizing, and maybe even saving up some money for an end of summer vacation abroad.

So here are our ideas on spending a productive, economic, and creative afternoon outdoors:

  • Visit a public park, bring a sketchbook, and scribble, or get creative.
  • Talk a walk out in a forest, or in nature.
  • Organize a friendly picnic, and have jam, and some easy-to-do snacks along with you.
  • Visit a public library, or a film shop, go old school, get disconnected, and forget your mobile phone for the afternoon, things really might get interesting for you.
  • Work on a do it yourself art project, make it your thing to finish bits and pieces of the project each afternoon, unless it is doable in one day.
  • Take a book you love, and see the sunset at the beach.
  • Offer to run an errand for a close friend or family, it will definitely make you feel better when those around you are happy.
  • Make an afternoon out of pampering yourself at home, with a longer than usual beauty routine. Could be a good bubble bath, to a do it yourself face mask, or practically anything you might enjoy doing for yourself.
  • Put on some music and jog around a marina, or seafront.

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