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Souk Waqif, Preserved Heritage In Doha

When I visit a foreign country the first thing I look forward to doing is explore their cultural heritage, and folklore. A people’s heritage is the most viable indicator of the type of culture, and spirit they hold has a country. So when you visit an old souk, street market, or Public Street the spirit of the culture, its colors, fusions, and traditions all seem to unravel before you.

In Qatar when folklore comes to mind, the first place one thinks of visiting is the Souk Waqif in Qatar. Souk Waqif is an experience of luxury and tradition. A concept that launched itself in the midst of Qatar, and minutes away from Doha’s famous cornice, a muse for travelers, the Souk Waqif reveals narrow alley ways of merchants selling silk, Arabian perfume, spices, textiles, carpets and so much more.

Souk Waqif is a concept that consists of nine five star hotels, each constructed, or refurbished the hotels are titled, Al Mirqab, Musheireib, Arumaila,  Al Jasra, Al Bidda, Al Jomrok, Al Najda, Bismilla, and Najel, boutique hotels. Each of these listed hotels is built in a gorgeous fashion, transporting their guests into a beautiful story of colors, geometric shapes, and defined spirit.

When staying at one of these hotels one is able to indulge in many of its fabulous restaurants. For breakfast, a guest can opt of breakfast at one of the hotel’s cosmopolitan venues, such as The Courtyard, Al Canteen, Al Forn, or La Patisserie. These lovely cafés serve absolutely everything from French delicacies, éclairs, baguettes, pancakes, toast; you can practically find absolutely anything you wish to have.

For lunch or dinner, Souk Waqif also holds an exquisite selection of restaurants, Al Terrace, serving Mediterranean, as well as Lebanese food, in addition to Argan a lovely place serving delicious fusion and Moroccan cuisine, Al Matbakh is a rooftop, and grill serving delicious charcoal grilled steak, as well as lobster. La Piazza is a must try in case you are in the mood for Italian cuisine. For a night out, a warm drink, or a lounge to retreat to, one must visit, Shades, a European concept, warm, and elegant, or spend a few hours at The Drawing Room, a place to relax, enjoy good music, and a lovely drink. If you are a fan of hookah, then visit the Al Shurfa Lounge, located on a rooftop.

If you are planning a day at the SPA, then Souk Wakif, is definitely the place to be. Al Jasra Boutique Hotel holds one of Qatar’s most renowned oriental SPAs, it is definitely a must try.

Souk Waqif, is the ultimate place to be in Qatar, merging the urban, with the oriental, Souk Waqif is a must try when one visits Qatar, frankly a place to indulge in beauty and culture, and set your eyes on very pretty things. Visit Souk Waqif’s website, to book your stay at one of their numerous hotels.

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